the home of human origins

Turkana is the reason kenya is known as the home of human origins, as it's where some of the earliest human fossils and archaeological discoveries have been found.

Particularly the Turkana Basin, where significant archaeological finds, including Turkana Boy (Homo erectus) and the world’s oldest stone tools at Lomekwi, provide a unique window into early human technological and cultural development.

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Nature & Wildlife

Desert Birdwatching

Discover the unique bird species that have adapted to the desert environment.


Due to the optimal conditions in Turkana, the human eye can see up to 6000 stars compared to middle Europe with a maximum of 500-1000.


4x4 Desert Safari

Navigate the challenging terrain of the Chalbi Desert in a 4×4, an adventure that tests skill and endurance.

Sport fishing

Experience the desert’s beauty on a camel trek, culminating in a breathtaking sunset over the vast plains

Culture & Heritage

Lomekwi Stone tools

Lomekwi Stone tools

Immerse yourself in the culture of the Gabbra people, known for their resilience and adaptation to desert life.

Kalokol Standing Stones- Kalokol site

Kalokol Standing Stones- Kalokol site

Explore the mystery of the Kalokol Standing Stones, where you can walk among ancient stones, learn about old rituals, and feel the history of the Turkana people come alive.

Koobi Fora

Koobi Fora

Uncover the origins of humankind at Koobi Fora, where you’ll walk through ancient landscapes, unearth millennia-old fossils, and early humanity in the heart of Africa.

Nariokotome boy monument

Nariokotome boy monument

Meet Turkana Boy, also known as Nariokotome Boy, the 1.6-million-year-old nearly complete skeleton of a Homo erectus youth.

Visit to the Gabbra Villages

Immerse yourself in the culture of the Gabbra people, known for their resilience and adaptation to desert life.

Cultural Night

Enjoy an evening of cultural exchange, featuring traditional music, dance, and storytelling.


Things to do

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Not sure what to do? Here is our suggested guide designed to help travellers organize their journey with recommended experiences in the Chalbi Desert.

Day 1
Drive to Sibiloi via Chalbi Desert

Day 2
Visit the Koobi Fora Museum

Day 3
Visit the Petrified Forest & Jarigole Pillars

Day 4
Depart by boat to Central Island, then to Eliye Springs

Day 5
Relaxed day on the beach by the shores of Lake Turkana

Day 6
Drive to Kalokol Standing Stones and a tour of the Lomekwi Stone Tools.

Day 7
Excursion to Nariokotome to see Turkana Boy Monument

Day 8
Bird Watching & Astro Tourism at Eliye Springs

Day 9
(Optional) Kite Surfing & Sport Fishing

Day 10
(Optional) Cultural ‘Agata’ Ceremony at traditional homesteads