Kenya’s Lake Systems

The World Heritage Committee inscribed Kenya’s Lake Systems of Lake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru and Lake Elementaita on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001.The three inter-linked relatively shallow lakes in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya cover a total area of 32,034 hectares.

These Lakes provide an exceptional experience of nature. The Kenya lake system in the Great Rift Valley is of outstanding beauty, and comprises three spectacular lakes, nestled on the valley floor. The three interlinked shallow alkaline lakes present a range of geological processes, including geysers, hot springs, open waters, marshes, forests and open grasslands,

Lake Nakuru, Lake Elementaita and Lake Bogoria possess a massed congregation of birdlife, which visit the property in large numbers, as part of their migration in response to seasonal changes in the environment.

While here, at either of the three lakes, enjoy a magical view of the lesser flamingos, nestled on the shores of the lakes, as they camouflage the lakes a breathtaking shade of pink. The alkaline nature of the lakes in Rift Valley creates a thriving hub for algae and small crustaceans, which the flamingos feed on. While on tour at these three destinations, you can also enjoy a worthwhile wildlife experience.

Aside from the amazing smudge of pink shade due to the feeding flamingoes at Lake Nakuru, the occasional splashes of white indicate small groups of pelicans having arrived to feed on the alkaline-friendly fish. While here, Lake Nakuru National Park gives you the chance to witness that the destination is an excellent wildlife haven, with white rhino and waterbucks grazing among the groups of hunting baboons. In plenty are also lions, impala, big herds of buffalo and a huge number of leopards.

Aside from the brilliant show of pink flamingoes at the shores, the ground at Lake Bogoria, the ground at this destination is famed for its geysers and host springs, with generally a high content of carbon dioxide, caused by the wild boiling of the springs. The many geysers here   have been formed by vents in the earth’s surface due to volcanic activity.

Lake Elementaita is dubbed a destination of rare species. The threatened colobus monkey, striped hyena, bat-eared fox, the rare Rothschild giraffe and the eagle owl all reside here. For the bird lovers, this is an ideal paradise for birdwatching.

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