Rock Art in the Nairobi National Park

Rock Art in the Nairobi National Park

The cultural heritage in the Nairobi National park includes is rock shelters and overhangs used in the past by Ndorobo hunter-gatherers and Maasai Pastoralists. On one of the overhangs, located in the Mokoiyete Valley, south of the park, one can find rock paintings, which may be more than 100 years old.

These abstract motifs portraying painted shields and dwellings are daubed on to the rock in ochre – red white and yellow – and animal fat.

The paintings are believed to have been made by Maasai pastoralists’ during “ol pul” warrior initiation ceremonies, which still take place in other Maasai areas of Kenya. Since visitors are not normally allowed to leave their cars inside the game park the rock art site can only be visited in the company of an armed ranger. In order to organize a visit to the rock art site visitors must arrange it in advance with the Park Warden’s office.

Other Attractions

The site is located inside a Game Park with abundant wildlife including lions, buffalo, rhino and giraffe as well as numerous beautiful birds. You can also visit the David Sheldrick elephant sanctuary and the Nairobi Animal Orphanage.

Please find more information about the rock art in Nairobi National Park from Rock Art in East Africa –booklet.