Watamu Marine Park

Some of the best sites are in the Watamu Marine National Park- a well-protected and managed area. The reef here is close to shore, meaning easily accessible shallow coral gardens that are ideal for learners and snorkelers.
Whale Sharks pass through this year each year from October- February, with good sightings reported each day.

Migratory pods of Whales from Southern Africa pass through this area during the months of June- September, and are often seen breaching in deep water beyond the reefs.
The outer reef has some fine drop offs, with sheer walls, and large brain corals attracting consistently abundant sea life.
Dives on the central Turtle Reef average at around 10-15 meters, with high spiking coral heads attracting large shoals of colorful parrot and surgeon fish.
You will occasionally sight a few white-tip reef sharks that are in residence on the reef.
This area is an important egg laying site for the endangered Green sea Turtle, which lay on the beaches at Watamu several times a year, and they are often seen around this reef.

Nearby, Moray Reef has a breathtaking overhang dropping 28 meters to a sandy bottom. The coral here is a refuge for octopus and eel. The sharp reef edge has plenty of nudibranch, angel fish, tang, and the occasional grouper or barracuda.
An excellent all round dive site is the Canyon, a long sandy channel at 28m, bordered on each side by deep drop-offs. There is an impressive arch covered with soft corals, and the reef walls are always alive with trevallies and snapper.
Diving into the channel itself is a good way to find rays and reef sharks.

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