Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

Just at the foot at Mount Kenya is another beautiful haven of wildlife, the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy. Set up with the key goal of rescuing, nurturing and rehabilitating all wild creatures that need help, this conservancy’s location gives it a unique sense of appeal for mountaineering lovers and highland life. No words can well explain the experience of waking up to panoramic views of Mount Kenya. The nearby Mount Kenya Forest creates a cool resemblance of the Swiss Alps that form the Alpine region of Switzerland.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy also plays a great role of conserving one of the most beautiful antelopes in Kenya, the mountain bongo, a greatly endangered species. The professional staff at the conservancy is also involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals that have been injured. Lovers of wildlife and conservation who visit the conservancy never resist an opportunity to contribute in one way or one another to conservation effort. You could even get a chance to adopt a young animal, see it grow and develop into the wild!

Epic experiences in the wild can be created on helicopter or horse-back safaris. Adventure and sport lovers also have the opportunity to go mountaineering and hiking on neighboring Mount Kenya, golfing at the Mount Kenya Safari Club, play tennis, lawn bowling, sport fishing, fly fishing and gliding in the clear mountain streams.

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