Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The Lewa Wildlife conservancy was a cattle ranch founded by the Craig family in the 1920s through a colonial settlement program. In the 1980s, part of the ranch was converted into a sanctuary for black rhino, whose numbers had reduced due to poaching.

Recently crowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy prides in its key goal of ‘conservation, community and inspiration’. Lewa offers the full package for wildlife and conservation lovers ranging from children, researchers, leisure tourists, adventure lovers and even cultural enthusiasts. Lewa serves as a refuge for the critically endangered black rhino and Grevy’s Zebra. The conservancy is an award-winning model for community conservation.

Similar to Ol Pejeta, Lewa hosts an abundance of endangered flora and fauna. Aside from game drives, Lewa also offers a walk in the wild accompanied by local armed guides. This makes the wildlife experience a little more intimate and enjoyable. Many times you will enjoy this experience as you watch the Maasai Morans also graze their cattle as the elephants, antelopes and zebras graze alongside a resting lion!
After a game drive, a relaxing visit to a nearby Maasai or Samburu cultural village will give you the perfect opportunity to interact with the locals. Lewa Conservancy also takes social responsibility to neighboring communities very serious. If you like, you could get a chance to visit the different development projects Lewa runs. You are sure to get an appreciation of where your money goes.

Accommodation is available at Lewa Safari Camp, Lewa House and Lewa Wilderness Trails.

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