Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

The course was cut out of native trees, typical of the wetter side of Nairobi, predominately the giant diospyros of the ebony family, “ithare”, and the huge “mukui” seen by the river.

The forest sat on a terrain consisting of rolling hills and naturally formed lakes. No other location in Kenya will you find the views you see from here on a clear day.

On your way up the drive leading to the hotel, you get a view of the Aberdare Mountain ranges. Once on the course you see a lovely view of Mt Kenya. You also get a glimpse of Ol’Doinyo sabuk and The Ngong hills.

A coffee plantation borders the course and wildlife such as birds and Sykes monkeys are common. The clubs caddies are courteouos and very knowledgeable about the course and the game of golf. Their advice could save you many strokes.

The superbly built 200 acre Hotel and Golf club is definitely one of its kind in East Africa. Situated 17 kilometers from Nairobi, a visit to the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club is a must for not only golfers, but anyone seeking luxury.

Tees are well maintained to preserve their immaculate appearance.

The club’s course has an international standard with beautifully landscaped sand bunkers. The distance from the ladies’ and men’s tees is 5,580 and 7,277 yards respectively.

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