Royal Nairobi Golf Club

In 1906, a nine-hole golf course and club house was started. The Royal Golf Club (“Royal” adapted by King George V) which was the first course in Kenya, initially measured 5 x 4 metres, but was later extended by 429 acres in 1927.

Although challenging and fun to play, the front nine holes have a different look to them than the back nine. This has a lot to do with the difference in the lay of the terrain on which the two sides were constructed.

The front side is relatively flat, while the back nine have a characteristic of a rolling hillside. The course is very well maintained. It can be played throughout the year as a sophisticated course-wide irrigation system is available. The hallmarks of this club are the tees and greens. Without exception these are the largest tees found in Kenya. The greens hold the ball very well and at the same time provide a quick putting surface.

The finishing eighteenth hole is the only watering hole on the course. Flowering bushes and a huge assortment of tree species lend colour and aesthetic appeal to the course. Located in Nairobi’s Ngong Road, with a panoramic view of the Ngong Hills as one drives up to the club’s entrance.

The Golf Clubs first East African Ladies’ championship was held in 1932 under the patronage of The Kenya Golf Union (K.G.U). The tees, which consist of various types of players, that is, Championship, Medal and Ladies’ are the largest in Kenya.

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