Karen Golf and Country Club

Situated at one of Kenya’s suburb about 16 kilometres from Nairobi, lies The Karen Country Club which is famous for its beautiful course and lawn terrace.

There are grevillea robusta trees planted in lines along the fairways, which were planted on Karens day. Many of the trees seen on the fairways are indigenous to Kenya although members have planted several imported varieties.

Founded in 1933 by the Karen Estates Company Ltd, and an initial nine-hole and pins layout, the country club has become Kenya’s top eighteen-hole major championship courses.

The sophisticated irrigation system, the maintenance of the fairways and the flowering bushes and trees give the course the look of a lovingly cared for garden.

The rough of this course will average six to eight inches deep and the second cut averages three to four inches In 1968, Karen Country Club held its first open championship and a second one in 1969.

With an enrollment of over 1,700 members, of which a greater percentage are golfers.

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