Walking Safaris

A privately escorted foot safari in Kenya is the best way to really experience the African bush at its best. Walking through the wild allows you to explore the Kenyan wildness at its most pure. As you track big game, you become aware of every sight and sound, the smell of the earth and the touch of the wind.

Various camps and lodges in Kenya have guides available for game and birding walks into the bush. Whether you are a keen birder, or would like to get close to game on foot, this is the perfect way to explore Kenya. The guides have an excellent local knowledge and are well versed at tracking and approaching game.

There are few experiences as exhilarating as a close encounter with an elephant, lion or buffalo. This is an experience that will make you feel more alive. You will, of course, want to stay alive so make sure that any foot safari is undertaken by a fully trained and responsible guide.