Village Visits

For a long time, many people have identified the cities, beaches and wilderness of Kenya as being some of the best in all of Africa. Now there is an alternative! Villages in Kenya are the perfect places to get introduced to local culture and lifestyle. Why not try our unspoiled Kenyan villages, spend days in the homes of ethnic communities learning and getting involved in their daily lives.  The village experience in Kenya is a reflection of the purest forms of traditional culture of the 42 tribes of Kenya. You could travel up North to the lake shores of Lake Turkana, at the El Molo villages and understand the mystery and strange lifestyles of the smallest tribes of Kenya, or Western Kenya to the Alego Nyangoma Kogelo village, ancestral home to the first black President of the US, Barack Obama. Better yet, the historic ruins of Swahili villages, Gede ruins down South.

Wanting to get married? Come with your spouse and have a magical traditional Turkana wedding. Many times, you won’t miss an invitation to attend a traditional ceremony held in a village. Your accommodation will be in the homes of villagers so be sure to be welcomed with the friendly and warm smiles of a family. Most importantly any costs you incur during your stay directly go to support the livelihoods of the local community, specifically you’re hosting family, what else could be more satisfying?

You can never encounter true Kenyan culture unless you have lived within it so touch down and create your best village experience.

Other activities: Guided walks through projects supporting the villages, farm work, trekking, shopping in the markets, eco tours, interactive handicraft workshops