Urban Culture

Fashion – Nairobi Fashion Market

The Nairobi Fashion Market is an outdoor shopping event that brings together over 100 fashion designers, retailers and buyers. This is usually a platform to showcase latest trends of clothing, bags, jewelry, accessories, make up, hair and beauty products, homes and other products. On a weekend in Nairobi, this market gives you the opportunity to shop for good quality products, as you sample what’s trending in the Kenyan fashion scene as you enjoy the sights sounds and beautiful people of Nairobi. Everything is displayed with that perfect touch of class because there is a story behind it.

With security being ensured, the Nairobi Fashion Market presents the absolute opportunity to get away from the wild, the beaches and out of your hotel room to feel the city of Nairobi and the warmth of its people in the market. You are sure to get entertained by good music too. The fashion sense of Nairobi is authentic and speaks only for itself so come and buy something and compare with the fashion market at home.

Maasai Market

Slightly similar to the Nairobi Fashion Market is the Maasai Market. For the ultimate breath of culture and color, the Maasai Market gives you the opportunity to buy authentic African art, hand- crafted beaded jewelry and clothing as souvenirs, gifts, best gun safes, and even decorating material you could use for your home back in your country. At very affordable prices, you can purchase as many products as possible and at the same time promote local handicraft businesses.

As seen below, the venue for the open air Maasai Market keeps of changing with the days of the week so feel free to find a day and come spoil yourself.

Day of the weekLocation
TuesdayOff Kijabe Street, near Text Book Center
Prestige Plaza, 1st floor Rooftop Parking,
Ngong Road
WednesdayCapital Center, Mombasa Road
ThursdayThe Junction, 3rd floor parking, Ngong Road
FridayVillage Market, Limuru Road
Galleria Shopping mall, junction of Langata road and Magadi road
SaturdayNairobi Law Courts Parking, City Center
Adams’ Arcade, Ngong road
SundayLaw Courts Parking, City Center
Safari Park Hotel, Thika Road
Yaya Center, Argwings Kodhek Road
Adams Arcade, Ngong road

Coffee dens

Taking coffee is one of the oldest activities that perfectly connects itself to social activity across many cultures of the world. And Kenya is not to be left behind. Since 1950, international coffee shops have been set up in different parts of Kenya, roasting different types of coffee for its local and international coffee lovers. Over time, in Kenya, coffee dens have slowly become great joints for friends, family, expatriates and corporates to meet and interact over a cup of their favorite coffee.

Modernity has set in and coffee shops have upped the social activity with technology. To add to the serene, stylish décor, relaxing music in the backgrounds, coffee shops in Kenya now have free Wi-Fi that you can use to communicate with friends and family at home as you dine in home grown coffee.

Blankets and Wine

It’s hip. It’s urban like cross tattoos. Most importantly it’s Afrocentric in our unique Kenyan style. It’s the Blankets and Wine music experience. This is one of the most amazing, laid back experiences you could have that will bring the Nairobi urban culture closer to your heart. Held every first Sunday of the month at the Carnivore grounds, locals and tourists come together, spread Maasai shukas, wrap themselves with kikois, and carry a picnic chair and basket and most importantly wine to an experience of different genres of Afrocentric music. Afro-based fusion musicians from different countries of African come together to create your ultimate African music as you crown it with excellent food, drinks and nyama choma.

A Nairobi lifestyle experience it may appear, the Blankets and Wine music festival is the perfect way to end a weekend on the first Sunday of the month.

Visual arts

Get a feel of the real Kenyan culture, history, modernity, evolution and family life as reflected in the visual arts. Over the years, young Kenyans have invested in awesome theatrical performances and films that showcase the everyday life of a Kenyan, excellent photographic and artwork exhibitions are on display in different cultural centers in the major cities. Exceptional displays of creativity such as spoken word story telling festivals, poetry and paintings bring the picture of Kenya to large audiences.

Visual arts lovers need to get closer to Kenya’s massively talented artists and discover a reflection of the real Kenya, because the real Africa is as reflected by the real Kenya.

Visual arts is not only in the organized environment of a photographic exhibition but out on the streets of Nairobi, art displays in the most fantastic ways. If get the chance to take a leisure walk down the streets of major cities in Kenya you could come across excellent displays of graffiti art done by the daring and creative minds of young artists. As strongly opinionative as they will appear, the use of color and cartoon work will wow you.