Vintage Air Rally

Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) will host members of the Vintage Air Rally as they trace the old air route across Africa. This presents a unique opportunity to show case the rich history of  aviation in Kenya for the aviator connoisseur.  The Vintage Air Rally will see fourteen Vintage Aircrafts, all manufactured in the 1930’s, making an epic journey starting in Crete, taking you to a tour in Tuscany, then Greece and Cape Town, South Africa. This Journey, 38 days in total, will take the Aircrafts through 9 African Countries and through Kenya between the 23rd and 28th of November to culminate in an Airshow over Nairobi National Park on 27th November 2016.

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11  Nov Arrival in Sitia – The preparations

We will meet this afternoon in Sitia (LGST). We will give full briefings before our departure to Africa the next morning.  You may have pre-positioned your aircraft here some weeks before.


12  Nov Sitia to Mersa Matruh – To the southern shores of the Mediterranean Sea

Today we make an early start and make an initial flight to Egypt (250nm). Supper in a hotel on the beach contemplating the next few weeks…


13  Nov Mersa Matruh to Cairo – Ancient civilisations

Travelling to the capital (246nm), with the chance of seeing the pyramids and the Sphinx from the air. That evening, we have planned a Twenties Dinner.


14  Nov Cairo to Luxor (via Hurghada) – To the Valley of the Kings

We’ll do as they did almost 80 years ago – visit the historic marvels and finish the day enjoying a sunset over the Nile.


15  Nov Luxor – Rest day

No flying today, our first day off!


16  Nov Luxor to Aswan – Flying over magnificent temples

A short flight (107nm), continuing southbound along the meandering Nile river – keep a sharp eye out for the monuments along the way.


17  Nov Aswan to Abu Simbel – The Nubian Temples

History and culture in almost limitless quantities in Egypt. Here we will have the opportunity to visit the renowned temples of Ramses II and Nefertiti (117nm).


18  Nov Abu Simbel to Merowe (via Dongola) – The other pyramids

We depart Abu Simbel and fly  into  the  unknown  (294nm).  Sudan  has  a  certain reputation, not entirely undeserved, but this is a chance to see the positive side of the country.


19  Nov Merowe  – Rest day

We will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Nubian Pyramids of Merowe.


20  Nov Merowe to Khartoum – Into the “Wild West”

We depart Merowe for Khartoum (175nm) the somewhat infamous capital. We will land in this crazy airfield full of UN aircraft and little else (unfortunately it will be soon replaced by a brand new airport).  A Nubian black tie dinner will end the day.


21  Nov Khartoum – Rest day

No flying today. So relax! We’ll see the point where the White and Blue Nile rivers meet.


22  Nov Khartoum to Gambella (via Ad Damazin) – Arriving in Ethiopia

23 Nov Gambella to Lokichogio

Onward and upward, the high plains of Kenya beckon (234nm)


24  Nov Lokichogio to Nini Airstrip (Naivasha Lake) – Into Kenya, real Kenya

We will land on a Rose Farm private strip, on the very edge of Lake Naivasha – expect lots of other aircraft flying in to join the fun.


25  Nov Naivasha – Down time

A real treat, the cool of the high Kenyan savannah bringing relief from the heat and dust of the previous few days. Lake Naivasha is the highest of the Rift Valley Lakes and despite  having no outlet is one of only two Rift Valley freshwater lakes. The beautiful lake is fringed by papyrus and acacia trees and supports a vast array of bird species including huge flocks of flamingoes. Although it is more than 10kms across it is very shallow and its area varies considerably with the rainfall, so much so that in the early 1900s it totally dried up. A chance to recharge batteries and just relax. For those with the energy, you are welcome to go out into the park and enjoy the wildlife.


26  Nov Naivasha to Wilson

We will be having a sundowners and ‘Out of Africa’ bush dinner in the National Park – an incredible and unique opportunity. This is also a perfect time to hand your machine over to the local aeromechanics who will work their magic on anything you might be concerned about.


27  Nov Nairobi – Home of African aviation (tech stop for the aircraft)

Airshow! It’s going to be big!


28  Nov Nairobi to Ngoro Ngoro (via Kilimanjaro and Arusha) – The fabled Serengeti Reserve

Now we are heading deep into southern Africa (255nm). We leave Kenya at Wilson Airport, fly through Kili for paperwork (past Mt. Kilimanjaro – 5895m) and Arusha for Avgas, over to the Ngorongoro crater and into a dirt strip deep on the rim. We’ll take a game drive to our lodge where we’ll dress properly for dinner!


29  Nov Ngorongoro – Game drives and spectacular scenery

Imagine yourself as Livingstone, looking down into the crater and the constant movement of the animals – also, perhaps, jump in a Land Rover and go down into the action.


30  Nov Ngoro Ngoro to Zanzibar (via Arusha) – The famous spice city in the Indian Ocean

We leave the reserve and the Big Five and fly via Arusha for fuel to the fabled island of Zanzibar (331nm). No visit to this part of the world would be a big miss. A sensory overload of scent, noise, colours and taste awaits us in Stone Town. A Beach Party will end a great day.


1  Dec     Zanzibar – Free day

Enjoy this free day on the beach or have a walk through Stone Town.


2  Dec     Zanzibar to  Songwe (via Iringa) – To the Zambian boarders

Heading inland, to the city of Songwe for a night stop. (389nm)

3  Dec     Songwe to Mfuwe (via Kasama) – A unique Zambian destination

Bordering the Luangwa River, the northern and southern Luangwa National Parks contain some of the most breathtaking and untouched wilderness in Africa. It is renowned for its walking safari, which allows visitors to view elephant, hippo and even lion close-up under the supervision of professional and knowledgeable safari guides.


4  Dec     Mfuwe to Lusaka – via a lunch stop on a real Zambian farm

A chance to see the park and hear the legends and stories of this incredible place. On arrival in Lusaka, we’ll be hosting another airshow – expect an enormous number of very enthusiastic Zambians! That night, we have the President coming to dinner.


5  Dec     Lusaka – Free day

Recharge batteries, fix aircraft, visit or do nothing!


6  Dec     Lusaka to Victoria Falls – Entering Zimbabwe

Understandably one of the wonders of the natural world, Victoria Falls is the principal tourist attraction in the region. The force of the mighty Zambezi River spilling into a 110 m deep gorge is one of the most enthralling sights in the world. The local Makololo name for the falls is ‘Mosi-ao-Tunya’ which means the Smoke that Thunders.


7  Dec     Victoria Falls – Free day

Definitely the Falls, but perhaps also a bungee jump?  Indeed, your options are limitless (and include simply watching the Zambezi float swiftly past whilst cradling a cocktail).


8  Dec     Victoria Falls to Bulawayo – Meeting the vintage cars

Into the bread basket (as was) of Africa on our 207nm leg.  No doubt we’ll be met by the Bulawayo Classic Car club on the apron – time to swap rides?


9  Dec     Bulawayo – Free day

Steeped in history, with the Matobo National Park just an hour away.


10  Dec Bulawayo to Mashatu (Limpopo Valley) – ???

The Tuli Private Game Reserve is situated in a unique location full of history. Here, visitors will be surrounded by basalt formations, sandstone hills and ridges, riverbeds, riverine forests, open grass plains and marsh. Shared between local communities and private landowners, this 78,000 hectare reserve is home to the largest elephant population on private land in Africa and many other wildlife species, as well as over 350 avian species. Also in the reserve are historical Bushmen paintings and the remnants of ancient settlements.

11  Dec Mashatu (Limpopo Valley) to Gaborone – Meeting the President

Simply enjoying the calm and nature – and perhaps chatting to one of Africa’s most chilled out Presidents!


12  Dec Gaborone to Baragwanath (Siferfontein) – Aviation heritage

Today we will land in the famous Baragwanath airfield (many vintage aircraft pilots and their planes) after an amazing flight (147nm) over the Pilanesberg crater and its fantastic fauna.


13  Dec Baragwanath (Siferfontein) – Rest day

A time to get person and machine together for the final push – with lots of enthusiastic help from the Johannesburg Light Plane Club – the world’s oldest.


14 Dec Baragwanath to Graaf Reniet (via Bloemfontein New Tempe) – Along the Orange River After a good breakfast, we will set course to the Judicial Capital of the country for a tech stop (182nm) before continuing towards Graaff Reniet (207nm) where we will spend the

15  Dec Graaff Reniet to Plettenberg Bay – Reaching the South African oceanfront

After a 239nm flight we will finally reach the southern shores of Africa… Almost there!


16  Dec Plettenberg Bay to Stellenbosch – South Africa, wine country

Our flight takes us into stunning Stellenbosch (229nm), we’re almost done.


17  Dec Stellenbosch and Cape Town – Airshow and Gala Dinner

We return to Stellenbosch for a huge celebratory airshow, supported by the Crankhandle Association – and then have a gala dinner that night at the Castle of Good Hope, under Table Mountain. The party will last long, the memories longer…