Tana River is Kenya’s longest river, flowing from the Aberdare Mountain Range to the Indian Ocean. The rafting section typically starts near Sagana and traverses through scenic gorges, rapids, and lush vegetation. Rafting on the Tana River allows participants to immerse themselves in Kenya’s natural beauty. The river winds its way through dramatic gorges, verdant forests, and rocky outcrops, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and abundant wildlife along the banks. The 3- to 4-hour rafting adventure can either be done as a stopover on the way to or back from Laikipia and Mt Kenya or as a day trip from Nairobi. The best time for white water rafting on the Tana River is during the rainy season (March to May and October to December), when water levels are higher, and rapids are more challenging. However, rafting trips are available year-round, with different levels of difficulty depending on the season.