Blankets and Wine is one of the most popular music and arts festivals in Nairobi. It is an outdoor festival that celebrates music, art, fashion, and culture. The event aims to provide a platform for both local and international artists to showcase their talent while offering attendees a unique and immersive cultural experience. The festival is usually hosted in popular outdoor venues such as parks, gardens, or open-air spaces that can accommodate large crowds and provide a scenic backdrop for the festival. The festival features a diverse lineup of musical performances spanning various genres, including afro-pop, reggae, soul, jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music. Attendees can expect to enjoy live performances by both established and up-and-coming artists, as well as DJ sets and collaborative jam sessions. Tickets to Blankets and Wine events in Nairobi can be purchased online or at designated ticket outlets leading up to the festival date. The event is open to people of all ages, and attendees are encouraged to bring their own blankets, picnic baskets, and chairs to relax and enjoy the festivities in comfort.