Bahari Beach Hotel

Sustainable tourism needs are met through solar power, emphasizing the camp’s commitment to renewable energy.

Diani Reef Resort and Spa

Diani Reef’s commitment extends to local community empowerment and cultural preservation, while maintaining high standards in environmental management, staff welfare, and visitor education, embodying a holistic approach to eco-friendly hospitality.

Severin Safari Camp

Focusing on sustainability through environmental audits, waste management, water conservation, and energy efficiency. The resort actively supports local communities and wildlife conservation.

Afro Chic Diani

Sustainability through environmental audits, efficient waste management, and water conservation practices. It emphasizes energy efficiency, pollution control, and community engagement, supporting local initiatives and cultural preservation.

Voyager Ziwani Tented Camp

Emphasizing a low ecological footprint, the camp supports local wildlife monitoring and boasts a successful tree planting initiative. Innovative waste water treatment ensures recycling and reuse, complementing solid waste management and pollution control measures.

The Sands at Nomad

Sustainable tourism needs are met through solar power, emphasizing the camp’s commitment to renewable energy.

Voyager Beach Resort

On top of planting over 1,100 trees and educating local children on conservation, the camp’s innovative waste management, utilizes biodigesters and composting, complementing its efficient water and energy use, with solar panels and LPG cooking.

Serena Beach Resort and Spa

Serena Hotels has been a leader in sustainable tourism for over 40 years. Committed to combining developmental objectives with economic sustainability, the company focuses on best practices in social, cultural, environmental, and economic development. Through responsible business practices, eco-friendly measures, and community engagement, Serena Hotels aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals to make a positive impact on the environment, economy, and society.

Medina Palms

Medina Palms has invested in an organic recycling and composite system, that manages waste from the kitchen and is reused in the vegetable gardens as manure.