Lake Baringo | Attractions
Lake Baringo
Attraction Type:Wildlife, Scenery & Landscapes, Wildlife
Category: Birding Site, Lake or River
Region: North Rift
City / Town:Kampi ya Samaki
Telephone: 254 0724 874661
254 0728 478638
254 0728787607
Entrance Fee:No
Lake Baringo is world renown for its birdlife as well as other wildlife including crocodiles, hippos, hyrax and now giraffes on the Ruko Island Conservancy. With the increase in the lake levels over the past few years, the lake has attracted large flocks of yellow billed storks, pink backed pelicans. Water sports and fishing are also popular attractions for this Island and luxury accommodation with stunning views is available around the Island. Lake Bogoria with its millions of greater and lesser flamingos (that use to inhabit Nakuru but which have now moved to this northern lake) as well as the greater kudu and hot springs is an easy drive from Lake Baringo.

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