Kenya-Re Towers, Ragati Road

Running & Biking

Around the world, mention “running,” or even more specifically, “marathon running,” and most people will think of Kenya. So if you are a runner or cyclist looking for a new challenge, look no further than Kenya. This East African country is home to some of the world’s most scenic and challenging running and biking routes. It offers an unforgettable experience for those who push themselves to new limits.


The Great Rift Valley is a favourite running destination in Kenya, renowned for its breathtaking scenery and diverse running routes. Runners of all levels can enjoy this stunning location, with gentle paths through lush forests or challenging mountain trails. The Iten region, in particular, is famed as the “Home of Champions” due to its high altitude and optimal training conditions that have produced some of the world’s most successful runners.

A popular cycling route in Kenya is the Nairobi-Naivasha route, which takes you through the Great Rift Valley, passing by stunning scenery such as Lake Naivasha and Mount Longonot. This route offers a mix of flat and hilly terrain, making it suitable for beginner and experienced cyclists. Another popular route is the Karura Forest Trail in Nairobi, which offers a challenging mountain bike trail with varied terrain, including steep climbs and technical descents. The Hells Gate National Park also provides a fantastic cycling experience, with stunning views of the towering cliffs and natural hot springs.

Running and cycling in Kenya is a unique opportunity to explore the country’s stunning landscapes and connect with nature. With an array of routes and paths available, there is something for every level of runner and cyclist. Booking an all-inclusive vacation package is an excellent way to experience the excitement of biking and jogging in Kenya. Don’t hesitate to reserve your package today and embark on an unforgettable adventure!