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Sustainable travel

Sustainable Travel


Travel with Purpose

Kenya is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world.  The sector is built around conservation of its natural and cultural resources while delivering exceptional visitor experiences. Considerable efforts have been put in place by the government, private sector players, communities and non-governmental organizations to conserve the biodiversity. The initiatives are numerous including national park management system, establishment of conservancies, ban on single use plastic, investment in green energy, adoption of eco-rating schemes, voluntourism and events geared towards conservation efforts which travellers can participate in to leave a positive impact wherever they visit.  The airlines, accommodation facilities and attraction sites provide various options for you to get involved in these initiatives during your holiday in Kenya.

Kenya is your go to destination for unique, authentic and immersive travel experiences all year round enabling you & your loved ones to not only take away memories that last a lifetime but also to positively contribute towards conservation of the environment while touching the lives of many Kenyans that depend on tourism.

Key destinations/ activities/ events: Wildlife orphanages, reserves, and conservancies;  Visit to cultural villages, Rhino Tracking in Northern Kenya, scientific wildlife Tours in Laikipia and Amboseli, Lewa Safari Marathon, Nairobi Street Tours, Annual Maasai Mara Marathon,  annual Rhino Charge event