Know the travel tends


The global travel industry has been witnessing a steady rise with millennials being the key drivers of both visitor numbers and receipts. They are shelling out more for travelling and demand a great experience. In this type of rapidly-evolving landscape, new trends emerge every day. This offers an opportunity for Magical Kenya to expand, segment and target travelers according to our offering of adventure, cultural business, safari and beach.

The behaviors and habits of today’s travelers are evolving just as quickly as technology, with so many choices around, the research phase stretches across many weeks, websites and sessions to almost 80 days.

  • Travel to show: “Instagramable moments, experience and destination”

Majority of travelers – and especially Millennials – want to travel the world, whether it’s to meet new people, taste new food, or visit new places. They want to travel to show everyone that they traveled and this is made possible through the use of social media. For this reason, destinations are investing heavily on digital marketing and on the social media platforms.

  • Pursuit of a healthy life: walking, wellness and sports tourism.

As the need to maintain good health and well-being grows, demand for wellness tourism is expected to remain high. Prevalence of chronic diseases is a factor that has continued to propel demand for wellness tourism. With the recent proposals for the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) to develop standards and certifications on spa and wellness in Kenya, this is seen a move develop the segment in Kenya and recognized the potential it holds.

Sports tourism is traveling that is done to participate in a sporting event including just watching. Across the East African region, Kenya has some of the best sporting facilities and can be used both for training and sporting events.

  • Solo traveler and Multigenerational Travel: as a result of aging population and single households

People are travelling all alone to unexploited destinations. While for some it has a religious connection or a path to self-discovery, some of it is a distraction from a low phase of life. This is a trend both witnessed in international and domestic tourism.

Multigenerational travel is gaining popularity as people believe it helps spend quality time with their family. From toddlers to grandparents, families are travelling together across nations and Kenya provides perfect

  • Rising awareness on sustainability: zero plastic and climate change

Sustainability and competitiveness go hand in hand as destinations and businesses can become more competitive through the efficient use of resources, the promotion of biodiversity conservation and actions to tackle climate change.