UK It is all about new tastes and experiences

UK travelers are out to explore and experience new attractions in their buck list. Experience travel and connecting with the local is a new trend for them.

They are also conscious with their budget and all-inclusive package is preferable to them

When you are packaging a tour plan for them, keep in mind activities such as mountain hike, birding, trekking and water sport as some of the key attraction to them.

Consumer Trends

  • Responsible travel takes centre
  • A taste for alternative destinations – off the beaten track alternative holidays
  • Money conscious travellers – booking package holidays, all inclusive holidays
  • Authentic culinary tourism - authentic food


  • Experiential travel and connecting with locals – fastest growing luxury segment

Travel Motivations

  • City breaks
  • Beach holidays
  • All inclusive packages
  • Lakes and Mountains (Birding)
  • Adventure / Active holiday

Consumer Trend
Alternative holidays – Adventure, Active Travel

All Inclusive

Destination Opportunities
Soft and Hard Adventure

Key Elements: Soft – birdwatching / wildlife observation (safari), rafting, cycling, diving / snorkelling, hiking / walking, horseback riding

Hard – climbing, kite surfing, paragliding, trekking

Where and Why
Rift Valley, Amboseli, Tsavo, Diani, Naivasha, North Rift, Laikipia, Samburu, Mount Kenya, Watamu, Diani

Destination USPs
-Intimate and responsible
connection with nature
-Diversity of wildlife in breathtaking landscapes to remember
-Exhilarating activities inland and on the coast

Jan – March

•The great Rift Valley Trek / Expedition
•Lakes of the Rift Valley, Birding
•Lion King Tour – Hike, Bike, Like
•Kitesurf at the Equator

Consumer Trend
Responsible Travel
Connecting with locals

Destination Opportunities
These range from environmental initiatives to authentic cultural connections to sustainable causes and deep connections with people and places visited.

Where and Why
Amboseli, Laikipia, Samburu, Mount Kenya, Nairobi, Diani, Watamu, Nairobi, Rift Valley

Destination USPs
-Intimate and responsible connection with nature
-Enriching Cultural encounters

Jan – March