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US market is Kenya’s leading tourist source market placing the Americas Continent in the 3rd position with a share of 14.5% which translates to 293,545 arrivals.

Expedia Group Media Solutions, gives insight into the Travel habits, behaviors, and influences of U.S. and Latin American Travelers.

Majority of the arrivals from the continent came are from North America (US and Canada) with a combined contribution of 93.4% of the total Americas arrivals.

A survey by Expedia in 2018: Travel habits, behaviors, and influences of U.S. and Latin American Travelers had the following findings: –

  • US Americans prioritize experiences over deals, and Latin Americans take longer holidays Travelers prioritize experiences over deals, and take longer holidays, so marketers should lead with unique activities and experiences and promote a longer length-of-stay itinerary – while providing Latin American relevant deals to make the decision even easier.
  • They’re undecided on a trip destination 6 in 10 or more are undecided on a destination when they decide to take a trip, so there is ample opportunity to influence through effective advertising.
  • They seek inspiration from a variety of sources, so marketers must create a multi-platform strategy to reach and influence travelers through relevant content throughout the purchase journey.
  • They turn to OTAs for inspiration and booking; more than half of travelers are using OTAs in their trip planning process. Seek out opportunities for strategic partnerships.