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Focusing on China

China is the market to look for. In terms of long-haul travelers to Kenya, China ranks fourth. Globally, the Chinese outbound market is conspicuous for its large volume and rapid growth in both departures and expenditure.

With continued growth in expenditure of Chinese outbound tourists, destinations around the world are increasingly eager to attract this market. Between January and September, arrivals from the market was at 67,970 up from 66,923 reported the previous year, translating to 1.6% increase

Key emerging trends worth taking into consideration include:

  1. The pursuit of Chinese tourists has evolved from viewing beautiful scenery to ‘scenery enjoying and life experiencing’;
  2. Cultural entertainment is becoming an indispensable component of local life experience; and
  3. Individualized services and products are expected, especially for frequent travelers.

As a destination, and as a travel trade, you are encouraged to:

  1. Develop and promote places of interest, activities and services enriched by local culture and lifestyle;
  2. Pay more attention to mobile devices to attract young people, especially those born after 1990; and
  3. Provide innovative products and services.