The Salt Lick Lodge Experience

This Magical experience allows you to experience a night of sustainable luxury while enjoying the incredible landscape from the giraffe’s point of view. An iconic haven for birdwatchers, nature lovers and luxury seekers alive.

10,000 Steps From Farm To Cup

You may be unknowingly making 10,000 Steps on a journey in the picturesque Coffee Farm tour. The steps takes you to a coffee making class that will make you appreciate your cup of coffee.

Swimming With The Dolphins

A once in a lifetime experience in one of Kenya’s best kept secret only for those who understand the language of thrill, adventure & excitement. Explore the fun of swimming with the dolphins in the beautifully sun kissed Kisite Marine Reserve as you savour the underworld beauty.

Meet The Last Two of The Northern White Rhino

Ol Pejeta conservancy is home to the last two remaining northern white rhinos namely, Fatu and Najin. They live in a 700-acre rhino enclosure with Visitors from all walks of life having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the rhinos and get up close and personal. You will also hear their amazing story from the caretakers that look after them 24/7. You visiting/Meeting the Northern White Rhinos will help in conservation of the endangered species.

Horse Riding In Mara

A different Safari experience awaits in the famous Maasai Mara . Arise in the open Mara plains as your eyes feast on the golden sunrise, enchanting sceneries, plains-game bellow as the winds gently blows the basket deeper into the reserve.

In the Footsteps of Elsa the Lioness

The fascinating history of Meru was made famous by born free, the bestselling novel and subsequent award-winning movie released in 1966 recounting the lives of George & Joy, together with Elsa the Lioness. This wonderful story made the park to be the talk among Hollywood legends and you can experience a part of the magical beauty of the park, the smells, the colors and the rich history. George’s pool is where George Adamson often took Elsa The Lioness for her afternoon walks and is the original camp site where the lions were raised and then released back into the wild. Here you will also find Elsa’s grave.

Go Karting In The Great Rift Valley

One of the largest Go Kart Track in Africa stretching 1.2km situated in a scenic environment on the floor of the Rift Valley. There is no better place to race as you enjoy the beautiful ambience and landscapes of the rift valley geographical features. The circuit is designed for both beginners & experts with complimentary activities and a touch of homegrown warmth.

Nairobi Street Kitchen Experience

Welcome to Nairobi`s Most Unique Dining Experience with over 11 zones that has distinctive menus inspired by innovative & creative dining concepts from around the world.
Located in the heart of Westlands,Nairobi Street Kitchen is so much more than an eating place, it is a mix of a thrilling street food market style experience where you can stroll through food & drink offerings, shop from artisanal merchants, or indulge your senses with hosted live bands and thoughtfully curated local art selection.

Immersive Maasai Cultural Experience

A true immersion into the renowned Maasai culture ,famed for their beautiful Red Attire and Jump Dancing. Join us on a journey into the unique culture/tradition curated into meaningful experiences seeking to bring out a transformational understanding to both the community and travellers. SKYIN well thought out Maasai village tour is a deep dive. 

Mugie Conservancy Experience

A full immersion whilst in the natural wilderness of Laikipia – a cocktail of activities for all from ranching to kayaking at the Mugie dam gives you a glimpse of an array of activities like no other for visitors. An absolute thrill of watching animals come to quench their thirst and being on the same level as the elephants while playing in the water is nothing but magical.