If you’re looking for an activity for large groups, bowling is the perfect experience, especially paired with great food and drinks.

Padel Tennis

Paddle Tennis

For fast-paced sport lovers, padel tennis is one of the new recreational activities in Nairobi combining elements of tennis and squash.

KCB Karen Masters


The KCB Karen Masters is a prestigious golf tournament held annually in Nairobi, showcasing top golf talent from around the region and providing a platform for professional and amateur golfers to compete.

The Mater Heart Run


The Mater Heart Run is an annual charity event in Nairobi aimed at raising funds for life-saving heart surgeries for underprivileged children across Kenya.

Nairobi Marathon

Nairobi Marathon

For running enthusiasts, the Nairobi Marathon is one of the best events in the year creating community and showcasing the best parts of Nairobi.