Nairobi National Museum

The Nairobi National Museum is the flagship brand for the National Museums of Kenya. Located on Museum Hill, the museum showcases Kenya’s rich Heritage with four distinct themes representing Kenya’s Culture, Nature, History and Contemporary Art. Other attractions within the compound include the Snake Park and Botanical Gardens as well as a State of Art Auditorium that occasionally hosts concerts, film shows and events.

Old Town

Old Town is a historic neighbourhood renowned for its rich cultural heritage and distinctive Swahili architecture. Dating back centuries, this labyrinth is a living testament to the city’s cosmopolitan past, with influences from Arab, Persian, Indian, and European traders evident in its narrow streets and ornate buildings. Visitors to Old Town can wander through its bustling markets, admire the intricately carved wooden doors of its historic houses, and explore its many mosques and ancient landmarks. The area is also home to a vibrant community of artisans, craftsmen, and merchants, selling everything from handcrafted jewellery and textiles to spices and souvenirs. With its vibrant atmosphere, colourful architecture, and unique blend of cultures, Old Town offers visitors a glimpse into Mombasa’s storied past and provides a fascinating insight into the cultural diversity of Kenya’s coast.

Mnarani ruins

The Mnarani Ruins are an archaeological site located near Kilifi, Kenya, along the coast of the Indian Ocean. These ruins are remnants of a Swahili settlement that flourished during the medieval period, believed to have been inhabited from the 14th to the 17th centuries. The Mnarani Ruins consist of several structures, including a mosque, a tomb, and a series of coral-stone buildings. The mosque is the most prominent feature of the site, with its distinctive mihrab (prayer niche) and remnants of walls and columns. The tomb is believed to be the final resting place of a prominent local leader or religious figure. The ruins provide valuable insights into the history and culture of the Swahili coast, showcasing the architectural style and religious practices of the period. Visitors to the Mnarani Ruins can explore the site and learn about its significance through guided tours and informational signage. The ruins are set amidst scenic surroundings, with views of the Indian Ocean and lush vegetation. The site offers a peaceful atmosphere, making it a popular destination for visitors interested in history, archaeology, and cultural heritage.

Salt Lick Lodge

Salt Lick Lodge

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