Festival Events and Nightlife

Festival Events and Nightlife

Embark on pulse-quickening adventures and sports in Kenya, from conquering challenging terrains to experiencing adrenaline-fueled escapades, where the spirit of exploration knows no bounds


Why kenya’s best for adventure and sport

Dive into the heart of adventure and sports in Kenya, where diverse landscapes beckon thrill-seekers to conquer towering peaks, navigate untamed wilderness, and embrace adrenaline-pumping pursuits. With a unique blend of soaring mountains, expansive savannas, and stunning coastal stretches, Kenya offers an unparalleled playground for enthusiasts seeking to push boundaries, forge unforgettable memories, and be immersed in the raw, unbridled beauty of nature.

See Kenya Differently

Run amongst champions in the home
of the marathon runners

Kayaking At The Mugie Dam

Run beneath the lush canopy of Kakamega Forest at this unique marathon, where the scenic beauty of Western Kenya combines with the challenge of a forest trail, offering a truly enchanting running experience


Feel the pulse of the city at the Nairobi Marathon, where the streets come alive with the spirit of athleticism, community, and the vibrant energy of Kenya’s capital in this unmissable annual event.


Race through the high-altitude heartland of champions at the Eldoret City Marathon, where the spirit of athletics is palpable, and the scenic landscapes of the Rift Valley provide the backdrop for a world-class running event


Tee off on the finest courses. The stunning landscapes and top-notch design promise golf enthusiasts an unparalleled fusion of challenge and natural beauty



Adrenaline activities


Unleash your adventurous spirit at Rhino Charge, where off-road enthusiasts come together for a unique and exhilarating experience.

Adrenaline activities

KCB Karen Masters Golf Tournament

Tee off in style at the KCB Karen Masters, a prestigious golf tournament that brings together top players on the lush greens

Adrenaline activities

Safari Sevens Rugby Tournament

Witness electrifying rugby action at Safari Sevens, where top teams converge for a thrilling showcase of speed, skill, and sportsmanship on the Kenyan turf.

Adrenaline activities

Lewa Safari Marathon

Run wild in the heart of Kenya's wildlife at the Lewa Safari Marathon, an iconic race that combines the challenge of long-distance running

Adrenaline activities

Mater Heart Run

Join the Mater Heart Run for a heartwarming journey, where thousands unite to walk and run in support of life-saving heart surgeries for Kenyan children

Adrenaline activities

Nairobi Marathon

Feel the pulse of the city at the Nairobi Marathon, where runners from all walks of life converge to challenge their limits in a vibrant celebration of fitness, community, and the spirit of Nairobi.