guide to A MATATU in KENYA

Matatus are minivans that serve as a popular mode of public transportation in Kenya. They’re a colorful and affordable way to travel between towns and cities, but can be crowded and less comfortable than other options. Be prepared for energetic touts and potential delays.


Wait for passengers to disembark before hopping on. The tout (conductor) will help you find a seat.


Pay the tout in exact fare or as close as possible as change may be limited. Mobile money is often but not always accepted. Fares vary by distance, so confirm the price before boarding.

Long Distance by Bus

For longer journeys, consider a long-distance bus rather than a matatu. While slightly more expensive, they offer more legroom and a more scheduled travel experience.

Unforgettable adventure

Kenya’s cities range from metropolitan business hubs to cities by the lake shore. Journey through each diverse city-scape to get a feel of the Kenyan urban scene.


Join the vibrant Kenyan culture with a fun and budget-friendly matatu ride!

Triple Check Everything

Ensure the destination is right by checking the boards at the stage typically written in chalk or printed posters.  Confirm the cost and whether your chosen method of payment is acceptable.

In doubt? Ask

Kenyans are world famous for their welcoming and friendly nature. Matatus can be daunting for a visitor, help can be found from fellow passengers and the matatu crew. Crews wear uniforms making them easily identifiable; maroon for conductors and blue for drivers.

Allow for Flexible Timelines

Estimates for arrival times vary wildly and matatus do not tend to stick to stated routes. You will get where you’re going but it is best to leave room in your plans.