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Western Kenya

Western Kenya

The greatest wildlife show on earth

Western Kenya is a little known world of wonders. Here you will find lush green highlands tropical rainforest and the great expanse of Lake Victoria. The region is positioned as Kenya’s ecotourism destination. There is a wealth of cultural and historical attractions here. The massive sacred stones of Kit Mikayi and Maragoli have great meaning to the Luo and Luhya communities, while a more recent monument to history can be found at Tom Mboya mausoleum on Rusinga Island. Thimlich Ohinga, a 14th century complex sorrounded by a Stone Wall was recently added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites (June 2018).

One of the Kenya’s most exciting cultural events can be experienced at Kakamega where the bullfights create an unforgettable spectacle. A hike through the world famous Kakamega Forest and the highlands of Kericho shows nature at its most pure and peaceful with their beautiful tree plantations and quiet hill retreats.

Main attractions: Masai Mara National Reserve, Lake Victoria, Mount Elgon, Kakamega Forest, Bullfighting events, Rusinga Cultural festival, Tours of the tea plantations