Kenya-Re Towers, Ragati Road

Pristine Beaches and Coastal Towns

Kenya boasts of a stunning, often overlooked shoreline with some of the world’s gorgeous coastlines and beach towns. If you desire to bask in the sun, swim in the sea, and play in the sand, you will find a paradise on the Kenyan coast, with its white sand shores and crystal-clear waters.

Mombasa island is a bustling coastal city off the Indian Ocean Coast with a wealth of attractions and activities to enjoy. The island is connected to the mainland by bridges and ferries, making it easily accessible to tourists. Its stunning beaches, including Nyali Beach, Bamburi Beach, and Diani Beach, offer swimming, sunbathing, and water sports opportunities. You can savour the town’s delicious Swahili cuisine at various eateries and experience the vibrant nightlife at clubs, bars, and casinos. To delve into Mombasa’s rich history, visit the Fort Jesus Museum, a 16th-century Portuguese fort and UNESCO World Heritage site. You can also explore Old Town, located across from Fort Jesus, or witness local artisans creating traditional wooden carvings at the Akamba Handicraft Cooperative Society. Other exciting activities in Mombasa include taking a sunset dhow cruise on the Indian Ocean and visiting Haller Park and the Mombasa Marine National Park.

Diani island, situated south of Mombasa in Kenya, is a popular coastal town offering many tourist activities. You can enjoy the beautiful white sandy expanse of Diani Beach and indulge in sunbathing, swimming, and water sports such as snorkelling, diving, kitesurfing, and jet-skiing. Additionally, visitors can take a camel ride on the beach, providing a unique perspective of the stunning views of the ocean and coastline. For a cultural and spiritual experience, one can visit the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest. Diani is also home to a large population of dolphins, and visitors can take a boat tour to see and swim with them in their natural habitat. Diani offers a vibrant nightlife scene, including clubs and beach parties, if you want to party. Additionally, you can take a pilgrimage to the nearby Shimba Hills National Reserve, celebrated for its wide variety of wildlife, like elephants, buffaloes, and leopards.

The coastline is a hidden treasure, featuring some of the most majestic beaches and coastal towns in the whole world. Book your vacation to appreciate the breathtaking Kenyan coastline.